Italian-Swiss flutist Livia Schweizer (b.1994) is a flutist, improviser and teacher based in Helsinki.

Livia grewn up in Tuscany and started to study flute at the age of 8 at the Conservatory Mascagni of Livorno in Mauro Rossi’s class. Already at the age of 13 she started winning prizes in national music competitions, and since a very young age showed a deep interest in practicing and performing music from 20th and 21st century. Attracted by the nordic cultures and by the Finnish musical scene, in 2012 Livia took part in the Erasmus program for 9 months at the OAMK in Oulu and after graduating from the Conservatory of Livorno in 2014 she moved to Helsinki to study at the Sibelius Academy in Mikael Helasvuo’s flute class.

Since moving to Helsinki Livia has been a very active freelancer, proving upon different occasions to be a very versatile musician who loves to engage with different kinds of repertoire and to perform in different musical contexts. Livia is very passionate about contemporary music and had the opportunity to take part in several contemporary and experimental musical projects with the Nyky-ensemble, Korvat Auki, the UMUU-ensemble, Eloa ry, Tampering and has performed in festivals such as the Flow Festival, Helsingin Juhlaviikot, the UNM Festival, Tulkinnanvaraista, Luosto Soi and Musica Nova.

Photo by Tuomas Tenkanen

Livia in the last years has developed a strong interest towards improvisation and she very much enjoys working in multidisciplinary collaborations. Indeed, she thinks that, through improvisation, the use of non-conventional music notation and multidisciplinary dialogue it is possible to create an inclusive space where individual voices and collective creativity can emerge and give life to exciting artistic results.

At the moment Livia is especially interested in how music can be a medium to connect with environment and nature, and, aiming to explore this topic in 2021 she has been artist in residence at the Old Mine Residency in Outokumpu (Finland) and at Villa Karo in Grand-Popo (Benin).

Livia is member of the Helsinki based Septad-ensemble, an ensemble focused on the concept of real time composed music; and of the Earth Ears Ensemble, an ensemble focused on contemporary music from lesser heard voices.

She is also an active orchestral player; in 2018 she had her apprenticeship at the Finnish National Opera, and she is a member of the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra. In the last two years Livia worked with the Jyväskylä Sinfonia, the Pori Sinfonietta and she served as substitute co-principal flute in the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and substitute piccolo player for the Lahti Symphony Orchestra.

In 2021 she got her master’s degree in flute and music pedagogy at the Sibelius Academy (University of the Arts), with minors in early music and contemporary music.

In the Spring of 2019 Livia studied as an exchange student at the University of Southern California in Jim Walker’s flute class. During her studies at the Thorton School of Music she had the possibility to perform in several concerts of the Early Music Ensemble led by Adam Gilbert. Indeed, Livia very much enjoys playing also the baroque flute.

Her flute teachers in Finland have been Mikael Helasvuo and Hanna Kinnunen, and Jari Puhakka for the baroque flute.  

While being a freelancer Livia is also a flute and music teacher for the International School of Music Finland in Helsinki since 2019. Livia enjoys working with students of every age and every level. She has experience teaching flute to beginners, teenagers and adults and she also teaches also music to play-school aged children from 1 to 6 years old. Inspired by the work with very young children she wrote her pedagogy master thesis on the theme of “Expanding Musical Creativity through Playfulness”.

Photos by Venla Helenius

At the moment Livia has on her music stand “Bioluminescence” for flute solo by Liza Lim, the Quantz caprices, and the Cinq Incantations of André Jolivet.