Septat is an ensemble founded by the pianist and improviser Libero Mureddu. The ensemble is based in Helsinki and is dedicated to the performance of real-time composed music. 
Listen and watch performance for Musica Nova festival 8.2.2021


Libero Mureddu (ITA/FIN) piano,

Livia Schweizer (ITA/CH/FI) flutes,

Mikko Raasakka / Ville Lähteenmäki (FI) bass clarinet,

Veli Kujala (FI), quarter-tone accordion,

Aino Juutilainen (FIN) cello,

Ville Herrala (FIN) bass,

Janne Tuomi (FIN) drums and percussion



The Earth Ears ensemble was founded in 2021 with the goal of enlivening contemporary music performance with focus on experimentation and presenting lesser-heard ideas and voices in new concert settings 


Lucy Abrams-Husso clarinetist,

Livia Schweizer flutists,

Iida-Vilhemiina Sinivalo cellist,

Helga Karen pianist,

Ville Raasakka sound performer,

Tuukka Tervo sound artist

Watch and listen the performance @ Talvipuutarha, Helsinki for the Elollinen concert series (25.9.21)

Watch and listen performance of Coal Plant by Ville Raasakka.


Modular and multidisciplinary ensemble where different forms of arts and languages converge into performances of Music-Theater. Differences and Distances will be seen as resources and tools instead of as issues or situations to avoid. Here, with “Far away”, in general, we refer to the concept of distance in a concrete and abstract way. What is far physically will not necessarily be far in the content. Two elements sharing a small space can be really far from each other on the level of substance. Anyhow, putting together elements across a “distance” and studying their behavior and interaction can give life to many different and interesting phenomena that we would like to explore.

Far(away) Ensemble: One Act on Identity

“How does text translate into sound and movement? How does movement become music? How can we go from the sound to the movement? In how many ways could we communicate or not communicate between each other? What stories can be told without words? Who are we, alone and together?”

Director, Choreographer: Vilma Tihilä
Composer: Jacopo Aliboni 
Performing dancers: Anna Häkkinen and Anna Stenberg
Performing musicians: Laura Martin, cello/ Valerie Albrecht, viola/ Erle Kont, clarinet/ Livia Schweizer, flute/ Libero Mureddu, piano